wood wakeboards

Materials matter. You won’t find cheap wood and dead plastic here. We sweat all the details. You’ll get lively performance built to last and delivered straight to your door. Pros love them. Beginners love them. Join us and get the best deal in wakeboarding, exclusive and factory direct.

Shipped Worldwide |  Guaranteed Forever  |  Factory Direct

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Free Shipping (& Returns)

Your orders ship free to the USA & Europe. If it doesn't work for you we'll pick it up within 30 days (in the USA), no questions asked.

All Good Forever Warranty

Wakeboards engineered to perform at the highest standards, backed by us for life. We seem to think that's a long time.

Factory Direct Service

Fast & friendly customer service is not an afterthought. Chat. Email. Socialize. Talk shop. We're here to help.

Wakeboarding Subscriptions are re-opening this spring. New Gear, new perks, new prices. Space is limited to the first 100 members. Keep your eyes peeled for our next opening.

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Top 10 Recommended Lines On Kaesen Suyerhoud’s Unit Wakeboard Feature

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