The Hype

Humanoid’s Circus is the go-to stick for glassy, big wake conditions. A sophisticated quad channel base creates speed & hold from take-off to landing. Aerospace grade carbon fiber layup from rail to rail, top to bottom transforms your approach to going big and landing soft. Take a dose of response, snap & stiffness without the unnecessary side affects.

  • Explosive speed & tracking. Single sidecut with tapered nose & tail shape for unfiltered acceleration
  • Go big, land smooth. Multiple base channels & spines maintain speed from lift off to landing
  • More stance width options. 5 pack M6 inserts with .5” stance width adjustments
  • Ultra premium materials. Hexcel 12k carbon top & bottom for response like no other wakeboard
  • Industry leading durability. Lively Paulownia Woodland i-Core reinforced with carbon fiber layup
  • Field Tested Team Guarantee. Shape by Kyle Schmidt Artwork by Zach Shapiro

The Specs

Rocker: Continuous 2.4″ | 2.6″ | 2.8″
Width: 41cm | 42 | 43cm
Stance Widths: 22″-26″ | 22.5″-26.5″ | 23″-27″
Fins: 4x ‘Point Nine’ .9″
Weight: 8lbs | 8.5 lbs
Suggested Terrain: Boat

No wakeboard is more carefully engineered

Our Materials:

1. HD Gloss Topsheet

2. Paulownia Wood I-Core

3. 5-Pack Stainless Steel M6 Inserts

4. UHMW-PE Sculpted Sidewalls

5. Hexcel 12K Carbon Fiber Twill

6. Russian Birch Ply Insert Blocks

7. HD Gloss Base

The log

• 09/06/2017 11oz 2×2 Twill 12K Carbon to the base

• 09/06/2016 Replaced 3-Pack insert blocks with 5-pack insert blocks

• 09/15/2015 Added to the line up

•09/15/2015 Carbon Twill 12K Carbon Top / 12 oz 0/90 Plain Weave Base Fiberglass layup

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