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You don't have to go pro to love wakeboarding. Create an endless supply of buttery smooth turns, biggest airs, and best-sets-ever. Get performance tailored to your exact riding style and open up a new world of progression.

Build My 1 of 1 Custom Wakeboard

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Build the board of your dreams alongside our team of industry pros. Select new shapes in different top & bottom combinations, customize your rocker, board size, artwork, and build materials. Choose from 25 precise customization options for dialing in the perfect ride for any riding style & skill level.

Build My 1 of 1 Custom Wakeboard

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Custom built. Backed by us forever.

Precise Customization

Choose from 25+ Custom build options.

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“Humanoid has outdone themselves with their custom wakeboard series. They do not just add a new graphic to a board they already produce. The custom design team asked about my style of riding and what aspects of performance I find most important. I was able to choose different features on the board, like edge construction, that I had no idea could even affect how the board rides. The amount of thought and research that went into each aspect of design and construction was astounding. From our first interaction, the Humanoid team was adamant that my new board would be next level. They really came thru with that, and built a board that looks killer and rides even better.”

– Keith F. in Florida

“The possibility of building a true custom board is so unique and great. its really amazing to see that almost everything can be changed. I asked a lot of questions during the process and got a very detailed helpful answers that really helped me to get MY perfect board. It also helped me understand the dynamics of the different shapes better. So thanks to everyone that helped me build my dream wakeboard!”

– Quirin P. in Germany

One of a kind board graphics. Not sold anywhere.

Work alongside featured artist Nick Motte and personalize your own board graphic.

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“Perfection is the best way to describe my 1 of 1 Custom Series. The app worked flawlessly for me. The “Pro Tips” & discussion with the builders throughout the entire build process really helped me make the best decisions in the layup process. I also had the specs of other wakeboards I loved over the years to help me put the best features of all those decks into my Custom Series board. Some of the best graphics and really enjoyed the whole process! I hope others seize this opportunity to build the board of their dreams. The ride is unmatchable and the truly custom look is worth every penny.”

– Peter M. in California

The crew at Humanoid knocked my Custom 1/1 Series Board out of the park!  I knew it would be good, but the finished product turned out so much better than I imagined!  No detail was overlooked.  Kyle and the team listened to my wants and needs, answered all of my questions, and dialed in my ride!  It is truly one of a kind.  The Badass Board Builder app was fun and easy to use.  Nothing but great things to say about the build process and my experience from start to finish.  Humanoid is at the tip of the spear when it comes to building wakeboards while staying true to their identity.  #NotAllBoardsAreCreatedEqual”

– JC N. in California

“I’ve ridden hundred of boards for the past 20 years and I finally have a board that fits my riding style. For the past couple years I rode a finless cable park board behind the boat. I like to do technical tricks, but I also like to play and have fun on the water without using the wake. The wakeboard that Humanoid and I designed allows me to have a flexible board with out losing control through the wake and it still lands softly. Choosing my graphic was fun and simple. I couldn’t be happier with the new set up. Cheers to The Humanoid staff for creating the best board for ME.”

– Fabian A. in North Carolina

“I’m blown away by the board! It looks amazing! I took it for a rip as soon as it hit my doorstep, and it rides exactly as I was anticipating. Feels really great with the extra size too! I was really surprised by the flex pattern. I didn’t expect the tip and tail to have so much flex. The board feels great under the feet and lands really soft. Overall, really positive experience. There is no off-the-shelf wakeboard that could even come close to this.”

– Tom M. in North Carolina

Build my 1 of 1 custom wakeboard

Your Custom Questions. Answered.

On average you can expect anywhere from $500-$800 for a custom build depending on your needs.

After you submit your custom wakeboard build through the board builder you’ll be notified immediately that we received your custom build. Once processed, we’ll reach out and confirm your build selections before we start any work. We’ll ask a few simple follow up questions and work 1:1 to make sure we’ve got your wakeboard dialed exactly to your specifications before we start work.


At this time, we do not allow customer submitted graphics. We do work with you to create a one-off graphic you’ll be in love with.


Shape options are limited to current and discontinued models.

Pro Builds are the exact build specs requested by our pros – complete with graphics. Customize Pro Builds by size only. Every custom aspect of the build is tailored exactly to the specs of our pros.

Yes! In the future we plan to offer a custom wakeboards through select shops. Please signup to our email list for new announcements.

Yes. Every custom wakeboard includes our All Good Forever Warranty. Read more about warranty details here.

Yes. During the course of your build we are happy to help you along the way with your custom build. You’ll see ‘pro tips’ that offer guidance into build options if anything is confusing. You can also initiate a chat in the lower right hand corner of our website. Additional, we can also analyze your riding for an additional fee to make sure you have the right board selections.

Once your graphic is approved, you can expect to receive your build in less than 30 days. You may also expedite a custom build for an additional $100 fee and have it shipped within 7 days of artwork approval.

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