The Location: The Bricks in Germany to Hip-Notics in Turkey

After taking home the win last year at the Bricks in Germany, Team Humanoid returned again for Cable Wakeboard Magazine’s The Renovation. This year Hip-notics cable park in Turkey hosted The Renovation. If you are new to The Renovation, the event is simple. 3 teams send 3 riders to design, build, and ride wakeboard park features they create.  Each team is given a budget and sent to work with a filmer.  An online audience casts votes in a number of events that include best setup, best line, best photo, and best all around riding.

The Teams: Slingshot, Jobe, and Humanoid

This year the team received warm weather, plenty of sunshine and stacks of new Unit features.  With team riders Chris O & Nick Dorsey recovering from injuries, we sent Mitch Langfield, Trevor Bashir, and Oli Breumlund out to Turkey!  Check out what they came up with and don’t forget to cast your vote for best setup! The event goes live at The Renovation’s site July 26th at 2 pm et. First up – best setup! Bookmark this page for more updates and behind the scenes action.

The results:

Revovation 2016-Social_26July-final_DSC6027_Stefan_Eigner


2016_06_06 THE RENOVATION HIPNOTICS_LennartRitscher_5490

“We took the part that has Raph’s signature off and renamed it the C@#! rail in duct tape.  We put a solid two days into designing and getting supplies but then weren’t allowed to take the Raph apart to do our original design.  This is what we came up with and it lived up to the name pretty quickly!” -Mitch Langfield








“I had my 25th birthday over there because my birthdays in June (always during the season).  I’ve had my birthday in a bunch of countries.. Most of the time we just go out but this year I think it was Steffen and Denny who organised a cake so that was cool of them! Then we all got drunk and had a sick night at the park!” -Mitch Langfield





“The week got pretty stressful at times.. This type of thing is what we do for fun but when you add a time frame, cameras, a language barrier and in the back of your mind you still know it’s a contest, everyone’s drive doubles! Our team is such a tight team and we are all good mates so we always were turning everything into a joke.   The whole time even when we were stressed we were laughing and drinking beers!” -Mitch Langfield



“Denny and Steffen along with all the photographers killed it!!! It’s really hard to organize 9 wakeboarders and they kept the ball rolling the whole time!” -Mitch Langfield



The Outcome: Mitch Langfield Wins

Once the last banger was filmed and the final photo was taken the crew sat together to vote for the most outstanding rider of Cable Magazine’s The Renovation

Mitch Langfield threw the most bangers, worked the hardest and probably drank the most beers!

Congrats Mitch! You’re a beast.