Black Friday 24 Hour Sale // The Deals

We promised our biggest promo ever in the history of Humanoid Wakeboards. Tonight, we deliver.

Here’s the rundown on deals for Black Friday.

1 of 1 Custom Series Deals*

Use discount code: 100Taters

You’ll get…
A completely custom graphic. Work alongside in-house graphic designer Nick Motte. Select from Nick’s gallery of designs to start. Customize colors, assets, and layout in addition to crafting your own ride with the help of our build team from scratch.

– Free worldwide shipping [$200 value] – $100 off custom 1 of 1 Series custom builds


Team Meme #bensquad boards

4 designs/ 4 boards available. All proceeds are donated to Ben Leclair #bensquad recovery effort.

Wakeboard Deals

$199 Langfield Wakeboard
$299 Circus Wakeboard
$239 Cameo Wakeboard
$199 O’Shea Pro Wakeboard
$350 Huxtable Wakeboard
$350 Oracle Wakeboard

$150 Plank Wakeboard
$150 O’Shea Park Wakeboard
$150 Langfield Wakeboard
$150 O’Shea Pro Wakeboard

Wakeboard Boots Deals

$250 Odyssey
$250 Howl
$250 Wire

Accessory Deals

$49 & below Handles 
$59 Hawser Mainline / Rope
$59 Scallywag Vest

If you were waiting for the best time to get top quality wakeboard gear, wait no longer. We won’t offer a discount like this again. These are up for the next 24 hours.

You won’t find a better Black Friday deal in wakeboarding. Don’t miss it.