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7 Awesome Action Sports Artists You Need To Know

Skateboard artist Todd Francis may have summed it up best, "For some folks, it's a chance to finally work in an industry they've followed their whole lives. It's a chance to create artwork with very few rules or restrictions."

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How To Determine The Best Stance To Prevent Wakeboard Injuries

How a rider stands on a wakeboard, aka their riding “stance”, has progressed broadly since the early days of wakeboarding. In the 70s & 80s stances were narrow, directional and mounted towards the tail of the board because of the influence waterskiing had on wakeboarding.

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Our 12 Most Important Wakeboard Riding Notes Explained

A wakeboard’s shape & construction give the board characteristics that are surprisingly complex in combination. Distilling these characteristics into something meaningful that you can use to choose a wakeboard is not easy. Riding Notes visually guide a rider in making a choice that is uniquely right for them.

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